Lauren Zeien


Lauren’s spent the last decade with one foot in the corporate world and the other in startups. After selling her first venture (a consulting firm) at age 23, Lauren has leveraged her expertise and network to serve investors and startups across the nation. Lauren has a unique gift for brokering successful partnerships and crafting strategic growth plans for companies of all sizes. Lauren is based in Dallas.

She has been lucky to call brands like Red Bull, Equinox, Gilt Group, and more her clients. She's also raced Lindsey Vonn and won; that was in high school, but it still counts, right? When Lauren's brain isn't thinking business she's usually found traveling, meeting new folks.  Click here to learn more about Lauren

Raquel Vincent 

Partner, Chief Creative

Raquel Vincent is a seasoned creative professional with extensive experience in digital marketing strategy, brand management, social media management, and content creation. Raquel's talents really shine in nonprofits, startups, and emerging creative brands. She's worked with local and national brands such as Tech Wildcatters, Summit Outside Series, LaunchDFW and more. She is based between Dallas and Brooklyn.

When not working, Raquel spends her time working on personal creative projects, visiting museums and art galleries, writing a Beyonce inspired book, and socializing with her eclectic and inspiring group of friends. She counts music festivals and tacos among her greatest loves.  Click her to learn more about Raquel

Lauren Fitsch

Chief Strategist

For over seventeen years she has motivated people and teams. For the past 12 years, she’s consulted brands and businesses ranging from startup to $1 billion dollars (yes, that's a "b") in annual revenue. Most recently, she’s turned her focus to productizing my methodologies and selling them directly to business owners and licensing them to other consultants while helping mid-sized companies create strategies that will garner success. Lauren is based in New York City.