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Utilizing resources in a smart way is one of the greatest challenges of any business. As market-agnostic consultants, we've worked with companies to create strategies that are efficient and effective. 

Our approach? 

  • Be conservative

  • Leverage joint ventures and partnerships

  • Nail a couple key accounts (if B2B)

  • Establish customers in a key demographic (if B2C)

  • Study closely how your initial customers use your product, document the feedback and respond 

We are not fans of throwing tons of money at customer acquisition just to post numbers. Instead, we believe that a slow burn in a niche market at the beginning can be the best way to establish a company for the long haul.




Every brand starts somewhere. Every brand has a name, logo, color scheme, tagline. But does yours stand out? Is it rememberable? Is the brand turned into a verb? Can it be included in a hit song? 

We can change this. We believe in stripping your brand down to its core & revitalizing who it is from its skivvies up. 


Pitch Review

We give brutally honest feedback to founders about their pitch decks. The objective: So that they can think critically about their business models and raise money from the right investors.

It's that simple.  

40 average number of investor meetings to get funding

3:44 average amount of time an investor looks at your deck  

19 average number of pages in a pitch deck